Open Access Principles for Authors

Authors of articles accepted for publication in the Transformations Journal are deemed to have understood and accepted the following principles:

1. The Transformations Journal will reproduce the Author’s article in electronic form on the Transformations Journal website; the Author grants to the Transformations Journal a worldwide, royalty free, non-exclusive licence to:

a. authorise third party users of the Transformations Journal to download and print out copies of the Author’s article for their personal or internal institutional use; and,

b. deposit with or otherwise make the Author’s article available to digital repositories as the opportunity arises, or as required by the Author’s funding sources, or upon the Author’s request.

2. The Author grants to the Transformations Journal the worldwide, royalty-free, exclusive right to first publish the Author’s article, and the Author agrees not to publish or authorise any third party to publish the article or any derivative version of the article in any language, media or format, for a period ending twelve (12) months after the date of first publication of the article in the Transformations Journal, with the exception that at any time the Author retains the right to:

a. reproduce and distribute any number of copies of any version of the article, in the course of the Author’s teaching, research, conference presentations and similar professional, scientific, or academic activities;

b. post or otherwise make any version of the article available on the Author’s personal web site; and,

c. make any version of the article available in one or more digital repositories, provided that the Transformations Journal is cited as the first or forthcoming publisher of the article and the Author accurately distinguishes any modified version of the article from that published or to be published by the Transformations Journal.

3. Subsequent to this period of 12 months after date of publication, the Author is free to re-publish or re-license the article as it appeared in the Transformations Journal, or substantial portions of the article, or modified versions of the Contribution, providing that the Author agrees to include attribution to the following effect: “This article [OR IF APPLICABLE: portions of this article] first appeared in issue [ISSUE NUMBER and YEAR] of the Transformations Journal:”

Except for the license principles expressed in 1-3 above, the Author retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the article.